Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring provides an attractive, easy-to-maintain substitute for hardwood flooring at a fraction of the cost.

A good quality laminate will be well-constructed, visually-appealing, and exceptionally durable. We offer a wide selection of mid to high-end laminate flooring products that look amazing and represent great value.

Laminate Flooring Design

Mimmicking popular styles of hardwood, laminate floors are available with different bevels, surface features such as hand-scraping, and various plank widths.

An exhaustive selection of species and colours are also produced, including species which are visually appealing but are not appropriate for natural hardwood flooring as a result of their softness or scarcity.

Laminate Flooring Construction

Most of the laminate floors that we sell at Monarch Floor and Window Coverings are made up of four layers: The wear layer, the design layer, the core, and the stabilizing layer. Each of these layers has an impact on the quality and value of a laminate floor.

The wear layer provides a scratch-resistant and fade-resistant surface. While no flooring product is bullet-proof, high quality laminate floors are more durable than many species of natural hardwood.

The design layer determines the visual appeal of the floor. This is where an image is imprinted that replicates a certain species of wood with appropriate grain patterns and colouring. High end products feature beautiful, convincingly realistic images.

The core of the laminate floor helps to determine its durability. More important than the thickness of the core, it is the density of the core that gives the laminate flooring its strength and will help to prevent denting and gouging.

The stabilizing layer supports the floor and adds to its structural integrity.

Laminate Flooring Installation

All of our laminate products are installed using the floating, click-lock installation method.

While floating floors will inevitably feel less solid underfoot than nailed or glued-down hardwood, a properly leveled subfloor will limit the amount of movement of the floating floor and prevent creaking and wearing at the joints.

We’ll bring samples to you, measure your project space, and provide a competitive quote on quality products with the installation method that is appropriate for your space.

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