Residential and Commercial Carpet

Carpet is a popular choice for flooring in areas where warmth and comfort are of the highest priority. It also provides excellent sound dampening and insulation.

Carpet should be evaluated not only on its look and feel, but also on its construction, material, stain protection, and overall durability.

At Monarch Floor and Window Coverings we offer nylon, polyester, olefin, and wool carpets. These are available in textured, berber, cut & loop, and frieze designs, and thousands of colour options.

Whether it is for a residential or commercial application, we can help you select a quality carpet that you’ll enjoy for years.

Carpet Design

Cut Pile Carpet

This is the most popular style of carpet. The carpet is twisted and looped through the backing and the loops are then cut so that carpet piles stand straight up. This is an economical design that is both durable and comfortable. Variations of cut pile carpet include plush carpet, where the pile is less twisted and is cut level in order to give a very soft and uniform texture; textured carpet, where the pile is cut at a slightly varied height and is often of a two-tone appearance; and flecked carpet, which typically involves a lighter shade of carpet with darker flecks of colour scattered throughout.

Looped Carpet (Berber Carpet)

Looped carpet is a hard-wearing design that is suited to high-traffic areas. Level loop carpets are looped at a consistent height to provide a uniform appearance. Multi-level loop carpets vary in height in order to produce a more textured and patterned appearance.

Cut & Loop Carpet

Cut & Loop carpets combine cut pile and looped pile in order to produce patterns and designs that feel soft underfoot and are aesthetically pleasing. Waves, checkers, and many other patterns are produced with this style of carpet.

Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpets are made with heavily twisted pile to provide added strength and texture. A frieze carpet with a high pile height is commonly known as shag carpet.

Carpet Quality

In addition to considering a carpet’s look, feel and price, it is important to consider how well a particular carpet will perform over time. Here are some attributes to consider when assessing the durability of a carpet:

Carpet Fibre: Various types of carpet fibres will perform differently over time. Nylon is a strong fibre that is also stain resistant. Olefin is also strong but is limited in terms of its design due to its susceptibility to matting. Although polyester is not as strong as nylon or olefin, it is very stain resistant. A well-made wool carpet can be very durable, while retaining its luxurious look and feel.

Carpet Density: Carpet density refers to the number of yarn tufts per square inch. Generally speaking, the more dense the carpet, the more wear-resistant it will be. It is not overly helpful to compare density across different materials since each performs differently. Density is sometimes confused with face weight and pile height, however these criteria differ significantly. In most cases, density is a more effective measure of a carpet’s durability.

Stain Resistance: Most carpets are chemically treated to improve their stain resistance. Stainmaster and R2X technologies are two well-known treatments that are performed on the majority of the carpets that we sell at Monarch Floor and Window Coverings. These treatments are applied during the manufacturing process in order to protect the full length of each pile, as opposed to simply the surface of the carpet.

Carpet Backing: A good quality carpet backing improves the feel of the carpet underfoot, makes for a stronger construction, and improves sound absorption and insulation. Many of our carpets come with Shaw’s Softbac Platinum backing, which performs exceptionally well in each of these respects.

Carpet Fibre

The carpet we sell at Monarch Floor and Window Coverings are made of four different fibres:

Nylon: The vast majority of residential carpets are made of nylon. Nylon is an exceptionally durable fibre with good colour retention and stain resistance. It is also comfortable and cost-effective. Some nylon carpets are manufactured from fibres of a very small diametre, resulting in carpet that is very soft to the touch.

Polyester: Polyester has a very soft, comfortable texture and excellent stain resistance. It is a less costly fibre than nylon, but is not quite as durable.

Olefin (polypropylene): Olefin is a cost-effective fibre that is commonly used in the manufacturing of commercial carpets as well as some residential carpets. It is somewhat limited in terms of its design and application since it has a tendency to crush or mat.

Wool: Wool is an all-natural, environmentally-friendly product that feels very soft and luxurious. A well-constructed wool carpet will be quite durable, though wool is not as stain-resistant as some synthetic fibres. The cost of wool carpet is significantly higher than other fibres.

Carpet Pad

Most residential carpet is stretched in over carpet pad. The material and thickness of the pad will affect how comfortable and cushioned the carpet feels underfoot, as well as its longevity. Generally, it is best to replace the existing pad at the same time that the carpet is being replaced, since the pad will also wear out over time and lose its effectiveness.

Although there are many different types of carpet pad available on the market, the vast majority of what we use at Monarch is one of two types, which are suitable for most applications. These are rebond and frothed foam.

Rebond is manufactured from chopped and shredded pieces of foam which are bonded into a single piece. This pad is fitted with netting to give it added strength. It is a cost-effective, practical solution to carpet pad. We typically use either 8lb or 10lb rebond in our installations.

Frothed Foam is widely regarded as the best carpet pad available on the market. The micro-cell construction gives outstanding resilience and support. It feels wonderfully comfortable underfoot and is resistant to denting from heavy pieces of furniture. It will not crumble or disintegrate over time. The frothed foam pad that we sell has been treated with an anti-microbial agent, which aids in the elimination of odours from pet accidents and food stains. Shaw, the manufacturer of this foam, will actually double the term of its residential carpet warranties when this foam is used. It is also environmentally friendly since it emits virtually no VOCs and is constructed using sunflower oil.

Commercial Carpet

At Monarch Floor and Window Coverings, we carry a full line of commercial carpets. This includes both broadloom and carpet tile. We have styles that are suitable for all commercial applications. Monarch also employs specialized commercial carpet installers. Please contact us for a free consultation.

We’ll bring carpet samples to you, measure your project space, and provide a competitive quote on quality products with the installation method that is appropriate for your space.

Contact us today for a free estimate.

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