Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a relatively inexpensive and easily-maintained floor covering. Its exceptional durability and moisture resistance make it a popular choice in kitchens and in bathrooms. It is warmer and softer underfoot than tile, and is available in an extensive range of designs, patterns and colours, allowing it to attractively compliment many different styles of interior decor.

Vinyl Flooring Quality

Vinyl Flooring is available in various thicknesses. The thicker the vinyl floor, the more cushion it will provide underfoot. A thicker vinyl floor will also have superior sound dampening properties, reducing impact and traffic noise.

The attractiveness of a vinyl floor is determined by the quality of its design layer. The floor should come with a warranty against fading and discoloration.

The durability of a vinyl floor will depend on its thickness and the quality of its wear layer. A good quality vinyl or urethane wear layer will resist scratches, tears, stains, and other forms of damage.

Vinyl Flooring Design

In terms of its design, vinyl flooring is one of the most versatile floor coverings available. The imprinted image of a vinyl floor may be of ceramic tile or stone, a pebbled pattern, hardwood, or one of many alternative materials such as cork.

Here are some examples of some of our more popular vinyl flooring designs:

Vinyl Flooring Construction

Vinyl flooring consists of multiple layers: the foam backing, the design layer and the wear layer.

The foam backing gives the vinyl flooring its cushion underfoot, as well as its sound dampening properties.

The design layer is made by combining vinyl resin with additives which give the flooring desirable properties. These may include plasticizers, which make the flooring malleable; stabilizers, which prevent degradation and discoloration; and dyes which make up the floor’s visual design.

The wear layer of a vinyl floor consists of a vinyl or urethane coating, or sometimes both. Urethane is the higher-quality and higher-cost option, as it renders the floor easier to clean and more stain-resistant.

Vinyl Tile & Plank

VCT, or vinyl composition tile, is a very durable vinyl flooring product, often used in commercial applications. Tiles are typically 12″ by 12″ and are of a solid colour with marbled accents.

Vinyl plank is a variation of vinyl tile that replicates the appearance of hardwood. Rather than square tiles, vinyl plank comes in strips. This helps to achieve the look of a wood floor, with two big advantages. First, it is water resistant. This means that vinyl plank is suitable for installation in kitchens and bathrooms. Second, it is extremely durable. This makes it suitable for garages and workshops, as well as other spaces where durability is a prime consideration, such as certain rental units or commercial spaces.

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